Outreach Services – Education and Prevention Programs

The Woodlands Outreach Department provides educational programs to develop knowledge and skills in specific areas for adults, youth and families.

Outreach services are provided by specially trained Social Workers licensed by the State of Ohio.

Participants in outreach programs can be court or community referred to a small group, school based, or seminar setting.

These services include:

  • Anger Management: An evidence-based program, designed for adults who would like to improve their ability to manage anger. Course materials are based on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) model.
  • Ending Violence In One Life While Validating Emotions (EVOLVE): A 8 week group for individuals having a history of, or are at risk to commit domestic violence. This group teaches techniques to address the thinking errors behind domestic violence.
  • Helping Children Succeed After Divorce: Families going through a divorce face challenges. This seminar, created by The Woodlands in conjunction with Nationwide Children’s Hospital curriculum, focuses on positive co-parenting for individuals going through a divorce.
  • Expect Respect: Promoting healthy dating relationships among teens. This school based program provides teen dating violence prevention and education.

For more information about our Outreach Services
contact Ginny Wilson LISW, OCPS at 740-349-7066 ext. 241.


Held every Monday at The Woodlands.
Cost is $180 total for class or you can pay $15 per week
Call the office to enroll:
740-349-7066 ext. 241 / Ginny Wilson 

THE NEXT LIVE DIVORCE SEMINAR Helping Children Succeed After Divorce

Held at The Woodlands NEW CLASS BEGINS:  February 12, 2018 from 2pm to 5pm. (Class for parents who are in process of separating/divorced, court ordered) Please call the office to register to attend this class. 740-349-7066 Cost is $45    

**NEW** MEN’S EVOLVE – Group for Male Batterer Intervention NEW SESSION WILL BEGIN on March 5th, 2018 from 6-7:30 pm on Mondays  8 week class / Held every Monday at The Woodlands.Cost is $120 total / $15 per week (There is an additional $10 fee for the workbooks which can be paid  each week $2 until paid for)Please call the office to enroll:  740-349-7066 ext. 241 / Ginny Wilson

WOMEN’S EVOLVEGroup for Female Batterer Intervention
WEDNESDAYS  5-6:30pm  / NEW SESSION TO BEGIN  Wed. JANUARY 10, 2018 5pm 
***UPDATE:  Slots are still open for those who want to enroll/join current group now.  Call office to sign up.   740-349-7066
  8week class / Held every Wednesday 5-6:30pm at The Woodlands.
Cost  is $120 total / $15 per week
( There is an additional $10 fee for the workbooks, $2 per week until paid for.)

COOPERATIVE PARENTING SEMINAR Class for parents having difficulty/can’t agree on making  parenting decisions after divorce or separation. **THE NEXT CLASS WILL BE HELD ON TUESDAY February 13, 2018** FROM 3PM TO 5PM Cost is $45 total.